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Important information

During the coming weeks, there will be a high frequency of trucks on Pumpgatan and Planetgatan – up to 50–60 per day.

Work in progress

  • Curtain walls are being built.
  • Wicote have started working on the roofing.
  • Göteborgs Flytgolv are applying wall putty on floor no 2 – no 1 is done.
  • Rivab are doing demolition work – the first part of the multi-storey car park is gone.
  • The work on the foundation of the cellar of building 12 is coming along.
  • Göteborgs Glasmästeri are putting up windows in the facade.

Next steps

  • Göteborgs Flytgolv continue the wall putty work.
  • Wicote continue the roofing.