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We are glad to announce that the construction work for the phase 1 building of Geely Innovation Centre in Europe has started from week 27, 2018! Below you may find the construction status and the plan for the upcoming weeks:

The construction status today

  • The workplace is now a closed area for unauthorized visitors and gates towards Pumpgatan is set up.
  • Wood planks against the West, on Planetgatan, is finished painted and will be marked with warnings and info signs.
  • Wooden planks on the East Pumpgatan is being worked on.
  • A temporary building fence on Lindholmsallén is installed and will be replaced by wooden planks in the upcoming week.
  • The first pile driver is established on the workplace.
  • The reinforcement station is now installed.

Construction work - Week 27

  • The second pile driver will be established and the work on the crane foundation # 1 will begin.
  • A sheet piling crane will be established to work with barring the area for the large crane establishment.
  • An excavator will be established which will begin to slap out the crane pit, so that the shaping and molding of the foundation can begin.

Construction work - Week 28

  • Piling will continue along Lindholmsallén and the northern part of the avenue will be closed during periods, including the pedestrian and cycling paths.
  • The concrete workers will shape and arm the crane foundation.
  • Setup of housing establishment in the area towards our neighbor in Söder Valmet.
  • Banners will be assembled on wooden planks around the workplace and flag rods will be set.

We understand that the construction work may bring some noises and disturbance around the area, and we really appreciate your understanding. We will keep you updated regularly on the construction journey on the official website

If you would like to know more or if you have any questions about the project, please contact the project team by emailing to the following addresses. We will respond to your requests and questions as soon as possible.

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